Puppy and Dog Training FAQ

Below are links to several different training articles that might be a help if you have training questions. I've received dozens of first place awards in higher level AKC obedience competitions and raised and trained dozens of puppies. I am an avid reader and have tried almost every method there is. I am always open to learning new methods myself, but below are my recommendations, how I raise and train my own dogs, and the methods that I know work.

Click on the underlined italicized article titles to read the answers to the questions.

General Training Questions

What is your overall training philosophy? 
In summary, we use only positive training methods in puppies under 4-6 months of age and recommend only fair, gentle corrections in very specific situations in older puppies and dogs. Many of our puppies will never need a correction for their entire life. Go to our Training Philosophy article.

Under what circumstances do you advocate the use of corrections or punishments in training?
Go to our When to Use A Correction article.

How Do You Give A Correction?
Go to our How to Give A Correction article.

Why Use a Correction?
Go to our Why Use Corrections article.

What kinds of collars do you recommend and do you use them for corrections?
Go to our Collars page.

What is marker training and clicker training and how do you use it?
Go to our Marker Training article.

 How do I incorporate walking on leash into our training?
Go to our Leash Training – Not Just a Walk article.

 How do I stop my puppy from pulling on the leash?
Go to our Leash Pulling article.

How do I teach my puppy some basic commands?
Go to our Getting Started with Sit, Down, and Stay article. Also see the above article on leash training as I teach many commands to puppies while out on a walk.

What do I do if my puppy encounters something scary
Go to our Don’t Scare a Scared Dog article.

How do I stop my puppy from mouthing and biting?
Go to our Stop Puppy Biting article.*

How do I train my puppy not to jump up on people?
Go to our Don’t Let Your Puppy Become a Jumper article.

How do I teach my puppy to swim?
Go to our Teaching Puppies to Love the Water article.

How do I stop my dog from getting sick when we travel by car?
Go to our Car Travel and Puppies article.

What is your routine at feeding time?
Go to our Having a Well-mannered Puppy for Dinner article. Also, see our page on Why Mealtime Training is Important.

How do I teach my puppy to take treats gently from me without nipping my hands?
Go to our Take the Treat, Not my Hand article.

What kind of treats do you recommend?
Go to our page on Treats.

Our puppy likes to run around the house?  We are very entertained by it.  Is this okay to let him do this while he is young?
Go to our Puppies Running in the House article.

My puppy likes to make a mess by playing in his water bowl.  How can I stop this?
Go to our Stop Your Puppy From Digging in the Water Bowl article.

How do I make sure that my puppy gets the right amount of exercise and at the same time provide him/her with a good foundation for keeping healthy joints into old age? to be written later

House and Crate Training Questions

How do you crate train a puppy?
Go to our How to Crate Train a Puppy for a summary article and also read the articles below. This page gives the basics. Read our article on building desire for a crate for additional ideas.

How do we handle our puppy in a crate over night?
Go to our Overnight Crate Training article.

How much time can my puppy spend in a crate?
Go to our How Much is too Much Crate Time article.

How do I build a love in my puppy for his crate?
Read our article on How to Build a Desire for a Crate and our page entitled Why Build a Desire for a Crate Before Using It For Containment.

What is the basic process for house training and how do you schedule your day around it?
Go to our House Training Basics article.

How long can puppies of different ages hold it after they potty?
Go to our How Long Can a Puppy Go Without Emptying His Bladder article.

How do I make use of an exercise pen?
Go to our How to Incorporate an Exercise Pen into the Life of a Puppy article.

What do you think about training a dog to ring a bell to go outside?
Go to our Bell Ringing to go outside – Is it a Good Idea? article.

Our puppy is totally house trained except for when he sees certain people and gets excited.  What do we do?
Go to our Submissive Urination – What it is and How to Stop it article.