Why Choose a Summer Brook Acres puppy?

There are two primary reasons to choose Summer Brook Acres: the quality of our adult dogs and how we raise our puppies.

The quality of our dogs goes beyond looks, but the beauty of our dogs is what most people notice about Summer Brook first. Pictures and titles give a good idea, but more importantly, people think our dogs are beautiful in person. Our boys, in particular, as well as Kate have titles that prove their beauty and go beyond what almost all other imports have earned in the U.S. Read our page entitled Dog Titles to see what the titles that our dogs have mean and also to get an education on which titles are easiest to get and which ones are most meaningful. Many breeders have titles that can be rather misleading. I think most people are surprised to learn which titles mean something and which titles are earned by little more than paying money.

What makes the way we raise our puppies different from most is the quantity and quality of time spent as well as the training and enriched environment that our puppies grow up in. See our Raising Puppies page to see what we mean. There are detailed descriptions of how our puppies are raised as well as pictures of where they are raised and videos of what they learn. Puppies live in our home right next to the kitchen for the entire time they are with us. Someone is almost always home with our puppies and we have a very detailed program for raising them.