Payment and Policies

Go to our puppy questionnaire and scroll down about 9 or 10 questions to see our total price. Read below for details on our deposit and payment policies.

All payments must be made by check. Puppies must be paid for in full before puppy selection time to ensure that all checks are good and have cleared banks. We do not accept paypal, credit cards or any other form of payment.

A $500 deposit is due when you get on our list. I will send out a signed copy of our contract when the puppies are 2 weeks old. Then before puppies are 5 weeks, final payment along with a copy of the contract is due back to me. It is your responsibility to get checks here before 5 weeks. Sometimes USPS is slow. I will not accept a personal check after puppies are 5 weeks old. If your check is late, a cashiers check will have to be overnighted in order to reach me before puppies are 5 weeks 3 days in order to get your puppy. If we do not receive either a personal check before puppies are 5 weeks or a cashiers check or cash before puppies are 5 weeks 3 days, you will forfeit your puppy as well as your deposit. We are extremely busy during the last couple of weeks that puppies are here and need to have financial responsibilities taken care of early so that we can focus on the puppies themselves. For puppies held extra time, training and boarding fees must be received no later than 2 weeks before the day you will be picking up your puppy.

Deposits are fully refundable if we can't provide you with a puppy from the litter or litters that you request and of the sex that you request. Deposits are also partially refundable in certain cases. When waiting for long periods of time, we do understand that life circumstances can change leaving you no longer in a good position to raise a puppy. If you change your mind about getting a puppy from us for any reason before the litter is bred, we keep $200 of the $500 paid and refund the rest. If you need to cancel your reservation after the litter is bred but before ultrasound, we keep $300 of the $500 paid up to this point. After ultrasound but before birth, we keep $400 of the $500 and will refund $100. After birth, we refund your total deposit only if we cannot provide you with a puppy of the sex that you request.

We then require a second deposit of $500 when puppies are 2 weeks of age for a total deposit of $1000. At this point, deposits are not refundable.

Sometimes people get on a list and want to change litters to a later litter because of the timing of a litter. I allow that as long as there is availability on the new list and as long as notification is given before the original litter is bred. There is a $50 litter change fee. If someone gives notice that they want to change after a litter is bred, the fee to change is the same as a cancellation ($300 after a litter is bred but before ultrasound; $400 after ultrasound but before birth; $500 after birth). There is no fee in the case of a litter not having enough puppies for someone. This fee is only for those cases where people are choosing for themselves to wait for a later litter for personal reasons.

Occasionally, I decide to breed a dog last minute or a litter has more puppies of a particular sex than normal giving an opportunity for someone to change to an earlier litter. Before opening the new list for the general public, I will usually offer those puppies to someone already on another one of our lists. There is no litter change fee for those cases where a person is moving to an earlier litter.

Puppies are to be picked up between the time they are 7 weeks 4 days and 8 weeks of age. If someone needs me to keep a puppy for additional time, there is a charge of $40 per day which includes only doggy door training. We will only offer boarding without our 8-10 week training program for a maximum of 4 days. We are not always available for late pick ups so if you need us to keep your puppy for extra time, arrangements must be made ahead of time. See our page on Puppy Pick Up for details.

Training fees for our 8-10 week program are $1500 and are due at least 2 weeks before puppies are picked up if paying by check or you can bring cash for the training when you pick up your puppy. (We provide a receipt.) The cost of the puppy him/herself is due by 5 weeks with the same payment policies as all other puppies.

Health certificates are $75. Only Delta requires a health certificate for puppies flying in the cabin. We do not recommend flying Delta with 7 1/2 - 8 week old puppies as they require that the health certificate state that puppies are over 10 weeks of age. We cannot provide you with this unless you are getting an older trained puppy. Other airlines do not require a health certificate for puppies traveling in the cabin. All airlines require health certificates for puppies being checked.

If you need us to meet you at the airport with your puppy, there is an additional charge of $100 to cover our costs and time during our very busy pick up days.

We reserve the right to refund a deposit if we later decide that placing a puppy in a particular home is not in the puppy's best interest. We do not sell our puppies to anyone that we don't feel will give a good home to a puppy. We try our best to vet puppy applications up front and it is very rare that we might find ourselves in a position of refunding a deposit for these reasons, but we will. Providing good homes for our puppies is priority.