Frequently Asked Questions on How to Prepare for My Puppy and How to Take Care of Him or Her

  1. What do I need to buy before my puppy comes home?
    See our page on What to Buy. This page has our suggestions of favorite types and brands of collars, crates, treats, bowls, brushes, etc.
  2. What books and videos do you recommend?
    See our page on Recommended Books and Videos. This page has a list of our favorite books and videos. All of them have ideas that we like and have used with our own puppies. All of them also have something that we disagree with or would recommend differently as well. Our personal training methods are spelled out on our Training FAQ pages.
  3. How do I travel with my puppy?
    See our page on Travel With Puppies.
  4. How do I feed my new puppy?
    See our page on How to Feed Your Puppy.
  5. How much do I feed my new puppy?
    See our page on How Much to Feed Your Puppy.
  6. How do I exercise my puppy?
    See our page on Exercising Your Puppy.
  7. How do I protect my puppy's growing joints and prevent hip and elbow dysplasia?
    See our page on Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Prevention.
  8. What kind of vaccines do you recommend? Do you have something I can take to my vet?
    See our page on vaccines. There is a PDF version that you can click on for easier copying.
  9. How do I continue the training that you've started during the 8-10 week program?
    See our page on Commands Taught in 8-10 Week Training Program for a summary of the commands and behaviors taught.