Back to Back Breeding

Most, if not all, reproductive veterinary specialists are now recommending breeding litters back to back as long as the mama recovered quickly and easily from the previous litter.  Then they recommend retiring a dog early.  A dog goes through the exact same hormonal changes and their uterus wears out with every cycle whether she is bred or not.  This is why many dogs will experience what is commonly called false pregnancies. Older un-spayed dogs become more and more at risk for a common but dangerous infection of the uterus call Pyometra the more heats they have, whether bred or not.

Most of my dogs come into season every 9-12 months so I readily took my reproductive vet’s advise to breed them every time because of the length of time between them.  However, when Hope became of breeding age and she’d had her first 4 seasons only 5-6 months apart, I had a long detailed conversation with my repro specialist.  He convinced me that in her case even more so than the others, I should breed her frequently and then retire her early as her uterus would be aging faster than the others.

My philosophy will be to breed each of my girls once they are of breeding age every season with a few exceptions.  I won’t breed a dog if breeding her causes me to have more than two litters here at a time.  (Having multiple dogs in season is very common with breeders, as girls who live together all tend to come into heat at the same time).  I won’t breed a mom who isn’t in excellent health.  And lastly I won't breed a girl if I have plans to show her during the time that she would be pregnant, nursing, or out of coat after weening. My goal is to breed my girls as frequently as possible once they are old enough and then to retire them early and place them with forever families.

This decision is not one that was made quickly.  I’ve talked to other experienced breeders and gotten information on what their reproductive vets are saying.  It goes against human nature to breed back to back, but it is the way God designed dogs to reproduce and the way dogs breed naturally.