Puppy Pickup Policies

We have a 4 day pick up window that begins when puppies are 7 weeks 4 days and goes until puppies are 8 weeks. However, we usually offer other options for those whose schedule is such that this window is not convenient.

For those traveling long distances, we offer the option of visiting with us one day and doing a "quick pick up and go" on the following day. The visit can be the day before the pick up days. The pick up must be during the pick up days.

We schedule 2 hour appointments starting at 9:00 with the last one ending at 5:00 (The last appointment time begins at 3:00). Because of duties with our dogs and puppies, we cannot meet before or after these hours with the exception of the "quick pick up and go" which can be as early as 7:00 a.m.

We will occasionally let a puppy go up to two days early but we will not let a puppy go before 7 weeks 2 days for any reason. If you need to pick up your puppy after our normal pick up days, you will need to discuss our availability ahead of time. We make meeting with families a priority during our pick up days but may or may not be available outside of those days. If we agree to keep your puppy for additional time, there will be boarding fees of $50/day. Indoor litter areas are taken away at 8 weeks and puppies are trained to potty outside with free access in and out through a doggy door. Boarding without training is only an option for a maximum of 7 days. If you need more than 7 extra days and there is space in our training program, you can enroll your puppy in our training program.