Strong Foundations Program - Training from 13 - 18 Weeks

Training Provided

Our Strong Foundation Program builds on what has been started in our Family Companion and Good Start programs and adds the following.

1. Continue the wait command before eating expecting total eye contact for up to 20 seconds before eating.
2. Continue with good manners already started.
3. Continue with obedience training including adding adding time and distance to sit/stays and down/stays, and increased time on a place cot.
4. Continue with socialization. Between 13 and 18 weeks is our heavy socialization period when it is critical that puppies are exposed to as much as possible without unneccessarily putting them at risk of disease before they are fully vaccinated. They are taken on excursions once a week away from our property after their 13 week vaccine has taken effect. Every puppy is exposed to kids, dogs, and new and unusual things that puppies need exposing to.
5. Continue with house-training and crate-training.

What can you expect from a puppy that has completed the Strong Foundations Program

Our 18 week old puppies are much more solid in both obedience and house-training than our 13 week old puppies. Most 18-week old puppies are safe in a pen or small room in the house for about 2 hours and can hold it in a crate for about 3 hours during the day. Almost all are sleeping well through the night in crates. Their manners are much more established than at 13 weeks. Nipping is usually behind them. Manners are becoming habit.

Puppies cannot be totally trained, especially with regard to house-training until they are about 9-12 months of age. Some mature faster than others. Some learn faster than others, but no matter how well you train, 4-month old puppies still have 4-month old bladders that can't always hold it longer than a couple of hours and 4-month old brains that want to play like a puppy. Our training is only a foundation that must be built on, but we build a very good foundation.

This program is only for those whose puppies are started in our 8-10 Week Old Family Companion program. The normal cost without heeling training is $80/day starting when puppies are 8 weeks. So, for example, a puppy that is picked up on the day he/she turns 18 weeks, the total cost of training will be for 56 days (8 weeks times 7 days/week). Multiply that by our daily charge of $80 and the total training fee comes to $4,480. Add $80 per day for every day past 18 weeks that puppies are here. Training continues until puppies are picked up. Pick up days begin when puppies are 18 weeks old. How long past 18 weeks we can keep puppies will vary according to the litter and what else we have going on at the time. Please check with us about particular litters.

If you live across country, you have three options. Your first option is for your puppy to fly underneath on your flight. Four month old puppies are too big to fly in the cabin. Your second option is for you to come early in the process and meet your puppy and then we will ship him/her to you for a fee of $550. Your third option is to fly to us and then rent a car for the return trip. We've had many families drive well over 1000 miles even with young puppies. At 4 months of age, we feel good about sending our puppies home in cargo. We will well-aclimate these puppies to plastic crates and loud noises and feel that this is probably easier on most puppies than an extremely long car trip.