Do's and Don't's with a Scared Dog

Do not coddle. 

Ignore the scary thing yourself and pretend it isn't there.

Do not pull your dog close to something scary with a leash.

If possible, let the dog be off leash to come toward the scary thing himself.

If possible, have another dog that your dog respects and that is confident and unafraid with you. The other dog can show the scared dog that the scary thing is safe better than you can

Expose your puppy to as many scary things as possible before he reaches 6 months.

Do obedience exercises with your dog at a comfortable distance from the scary thing. If your dog is still too scared to pay attention to you, back up. Gradually get closer over time. Be patient. Depending on the level of fear, it could take hours; it could take days; it could take weeks or months.

If you're able to have the help of another dog, do obedience exercises with the other dog while a little closer to the scary thing than your dog will come. Many dogs will join in the fun when they see that you and the other dog are enjoying working together and when your dog sees the other dog getting all the treats. While doing this, ignore the scared dog. Do not call him to come to you.