Ch of Croatia Cherry from Babelsbergi CGC- Penny



Birthday—June 3, 2011

Breeder— Beáta Grasselli at Babelbergi kennel in Austria.

Pedigree on K9-Data

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Canine Good Citizen

Champion of Croatia

Excellent Rating at the World Dog Show 2013

Health Clearances

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Hips—FCI B/B This is the second highest FCI hip rating. Both of her parents, all 4 grandparents, and 7 out of 8 great-grandparents have A/A hips and she will only be bred to a dog with A/A hips - (very good hips in these lines with A/A being the best score possible).

Elbows—FCI 0:0 (the lower the score the better)

Eyes— Clear

Heart— Clear

PRA1 - Clear

PRA2 - Clear

Ichthyosis - Carrier

We are so excited to be able have Penny join our family here at Summer Brook. She is the most beautiful, gentle, laid back, and loving girl. Her temperament is just what we look for in a dog. She came to us at 6 years of age and has seemlessly fit into our family as if she were born here. She is friendly, comfident, and super gentle to everyone she meets. She loves to lay at your feet (or better yet, beside you on the couch), be petted, and be with people. She was successfully shown in Europe before coming to us including receiving the highest rating possible at the world dog show.

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have Penny come live with us after she had been bred to an exceptional stud dog in Europe. We knew that both Dorel and Penny had the laid back therapy dog type temperament that we wanted in our next stud dog and feel that this pairing will produce just that for us and others getting one of these puppies.

Newborn Puppies


Penny as a young dog