We don't crate our puppies for more than two hours straight and recommend the use of an exercise pen for those times that a puppy needs to be left alone for longer than two hours. We work our puppies' crate times around their nap and feeding times. Crate times can give families much needed breaks from the constant supervision that a new puppy requires.  The fact that puppies sleep so much is a help.  On average adult dogs sleep about 12-18 hours per day depending on breed, size, age, and activity level.  Puppies sleep more than adult dogs do and bigger dogs sleep more than smaller ones.   I’d say that the average 8-9 week old Golden Retriever puppy should be sleeping close to 16 hours per day with one 8 hour stretch at night and 5 or 6 naps throughout the day.

Using a crate primarily for nap and eating times and times for special treats will build a puppy's love for his crate that will carry into adulthood. Cage him up too much as a puppy without anything to do and you will loose a valuable help for the life of your dog.