Available Trained Puppies and/or Adults

Our Paris is now spayed and recovering and will be ready for her new home after the first of the year. She is six years old and is super calm and sweet. She also gets along well with other dogs. She is well-trained, both at home and out in public. She sits quietly for people to pet her and has her CGC (an obedience title and the first step toward becoming a therapy dog) and therefore knows all commands required for the CGC as well as being well-behaved in public around crowds and other dogs. She waits for a release command before eating and before passing through gates and doors. She sleeps both in a crate or loose in the house. (She of course has been totally house-trained since she was a puppy.) A calmer home without young children would be ideal though she is tolerant of a busy home. She sits politely for children to pet her, but does not seek them out to play with her. She enjoys swimming and playing fetch and going on hikes also. She must go to a home that is driving distance and whoever gets her must come to our home and meet her before we will make a commitment. If there should be children involved, the children must come also. (That is our policy with all of our older dog placements.) We have so far never had someone come to our home and not leave with them and we will do our best to find a good match before someone drives to us but we can't send her away without knowing that both Paris and the new family feel comfortable with each other and we can see that with a little time there will be a real love connection. We always offer with our older adults for a family to take our dog for 2 weeks to make sure that they are a good fit. In addition to the requirements on our contract for our puppies, we have additional requirements for our adults. First of all, families must follow our minimal vaccine protocol or the protocol of Dr. Jean Dodds (which means for most if not all that they cannot be boarded). Second of all, no invisible fences. The new family must have a real fence. And finally and most importantly, the new family must have a lot of time for her. We don't place our dogs (or even our puppies) in homes where everyone is gone all day. We price our adults so that we can be extremely particular about where they go. Our adults have lived inside with us as our beloved pets for all of their lives. We cannot say good-bye to them without knowing that they will have as good of care as we've given them. Paris's price is $1500.