Vaccine Summary

In summary, we require our puppies to not be vaccinated annually but instead to have yearly titers to see if a dog still has immunity from his/her last vaccine or to have vaccines once every three years. Most if not all of the schools of veterinary medicine are no longer recommending annual vaccines. Research has shown that the core vaccines last for a minimum of 5-7 years and often for the life of the dog.

Though we don't require it, we strongly recommend that no more than the three core vaccines are given and especially that dogs aren't given the big combination vaccines. Overloading a puppy with multiple vaccines in one vet visit greatly increases the chances of side effects and weakens a dog's immune system. Some of these side effect can include lifelong chronic conditions and even death.

We only vaccinate our dogs for Parvo, Distemper, and Rabies. Our dogs have never had any of the diseases that are often vaccinated for including any form of kennel cough or Bordatella. This in spite of the fact that our dogs are taken frequently to places where there are crowds of shows, obedience trials and training facilities, parks, and stores. We've also never had a dog with allergies. I attribute it largely to the fact that we feed high quality food and give minimal vaccines. Our dogs have much healthier immune systems than most.