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q. Differences and Similarities Between American and English Golden Retrievers

r. Golden Retriever KC and AKC Standard Comparison

s. Health

t. Hip Dysplasia

u. Elbow Dysplasia

v. Genetic Eye Diseases in Golden Retrievers

w. Ichthyosis

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a. Dog Training Methods - All Positive or Do I Use Corrections

b. Corrections

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d. Marker Training

e. Leash Training - More Than Just a Walk

f. Training the Sit, Down, Stand, and Stay

g. Don't Scare a Scared Dog

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r. How to Crate Train a Puppy

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v. Why Build a Desire for a Crate Before Using It For Containment

w. How to House Train a Puppy

x. How Long Can Puppies Hold It,/q>?

y. Exercise Pens

z. Bell Ringing

aa. Submissive Urination

6. Health

a. Hip Dysplasia In Golden Retrievers In the U.S. and in Europe

b. Elbow Dysplasia

c. Genetic Eye Diseases in Golden Retrievers

d. Ichthyosis

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