Rhea (Daughter of Hope & Jack) at 7 Months Living in Florida


Rhea (Daughter of Hope & Jack) at 4 Months Living in Florida

Emails from Marianne, Ria's "mommy" follow: "Happy Mothers Day! I feel like I received the best gift of all with Rhea. She is the best puppy we have ever had, so full of love, calm, well behaved, easy to train, not to mention, gorgeous. Everybody loves her and gushes over her temperament and beauty. Thanks for all of the time you put into training and loving her. It has paid off."

and a couple of months later: "Rhea is absolutely a dream, loved by everyone who meets her.  Her vet is amazed at her personality, so loving, calm, and unflappable.  When we walked in to the vet's office last time, Rhea was greeted by two barking, lunging dogs and she simply sat by the door and waited for the dogs to be escorted to the back.  It may be hard to believe, but the older she gets, the more loving.  If we sit on the floor we are overcome by "kiss attacks"! I have yet to see her afraid of anything, although she remains cautious in new situations.  She was unconcerned about the fireworks on the fourth or any loud noises for that matter. She learns quickly and wants to please.  I can say that we have never had a better puppy, very adaptable and absolutely gorgeous!  We take her to family and friend's homes and she gets along with all pets, big and small.  Thanks again for her and I will continue to keep you posted!"

Another Picture of Ria in Florida

This is Winston who lives in Florida with his full sister Rhea. Winston is 7 months in this picture. Rhea is a year older than Winston. Both are Hope/Jack puppies.


3 1/2 Month Old Ellie living in North Carolina

Another picture of Ellie

Ellie at 12 Months

Ellie's new momma sent me the following e-mail:

Our sweet pup is 4 months old today and we are so overjoyed to have her in our lives!  Ellie has seamlessly joined our family and we are all the better for it!  She is smart, loving, full of personality and, oh yeah, beautiful!  Along with her addition to our family was the addition of your family to ours.  The entire experience has been that more wonderful getting to journey through this with all of you!  Thank you for the high standards you set in breeding and loving your dogs. Ellie is an incredible result of that!

Much love and gratitude,

Somer (Daughter of Hope & Jack) at 3 Months Living in Pennsylvania

Wet Daisy (Daughter of Hope and Jack) at 4 Months Living in Alabama

Another picture of Daisy at 3 Months

Another picture of Daisy at about 2 months


Henry (Son of Hope and Jack) at 4 Months Living in Austin, Texas

Another picture of Henry

Henry's parents said in an email: So he's smart, good-looking and lovable! We couldn't be happier with him, but if i'm honest, the first two are just fluff ... he's such a sweet little boy and just lights up when Craig or I enter a room, so of course has completely stolen our hearts.  The way he races across the room or the yard to greet us, well, we're in love!


Jax (Son of Hope & Jack) at 3 Months Living outside of Ft. Worth, Texas (handsome even after being naughty!)

Another picture of Jax (babysitting to make up for the digging!)


Quinn (Daughter of Hope and Jack) at 4 Months Living in Alabama

Below are Jack/Hope Pictures Taken at Summer Brook at 7 Weeks